Saturday, 5 August 2017

University - 'An ode to my tote bag'

I don’t remember the last time I purchased an actual bag.

You know, the practical ones for everyday use, with multiple compartments for all of your bits and bobs to sit in safely and organised (I’ve heard these help you to avoid tangling your headphone wires around well, everything). Instead, for the last few years, I have spent my mornings deliberating over which off-white canvas tote bag best compliments my outfit, and which slogan is ironic and witty enough to represent my mood. Today, I’ve donned my ‘boob bag’.

Having the mandatory university tote is a way to show off how very proud you are, as well as ensuring your place in the very “cliquey” university landscape. My stance however; if I spent four years working my butt off to make it into my top choice university, I’m probably going to want to brag about it. We aren’t like the American students, decked out in the caps and hoodies emblazoned with our campus’ names though. One day they might make a resurgence, but with fashion students, as you can imagine, these are a little less popular, so the tote is naturally the next best thing. It also goes great with the desired effortless aesthetic every creative youth is striving for. 

I raise my hands because I never chose the tote life, the tote life chose me – my argument is simply: “I’m a fashion student - it’s a necessity.” It’s what I keep telling myself anyway, but you’ll probably find that you will very rarely come across a creative student without them. I am a complete tote bag fiend, but don’t really know what the desire is to be entirely honest. They get grubby exceptionally quickly and are prone to the odd hole here and there, but they’re a bit like an old pair of Converse or Dr Martens: at their prime with a bit of wear. Enough to make it look old school, but not too much that they become too revealing.

They’re so disposable and easy to come by (often free might I add*) that by the time one bag has reached its durability expectancy, it’s likely my preference has gone elsewhere, so I’ll happily replace it with another. There are many a-reason to why I favour them so much, they’re just so convenient. They mould to anything that you desire to carry, very little restriction in what you can pack in there, and if they’re bigger, that’s even better!

*PSA on the idea tote bags are generally free – industry professionals have caught on. They know how very popular these little, seemingly insignificant bags have become, and everyone is cashing in. You’ve recently been to that super cool, niche exhibition? There’s a tote for that. You’ve been in and looked around that large quirky bookshop? There’s a tote for that. You went to American Apparel when they still had shops? There used to be a tote for that (you indie dogs), but unfortunately there currently is not.

Image taken from Never Fully Dressed

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